IGCSE Pro uses Cambridge approved and proprietary teaching materials that have been developed by experienced teachers who have helped students excel in the IGCSE examinations. Our pedagogical approach is firmly rooted in Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives and is adapted to individual learning needs. 

Our unique program focuses on the individual student and on building a strong foundation to ensure future success. Concurrent timetabling enables us to place students at the proper level based on their abilities, rather than age. We maintain a supportive and caring environment to help students achieve their full potential. 

We have minimised the time students spend inside a classroom and dedicate one full day per week to an integrated activity. The integrated activity is critical to the success of our program as it ensures that students understand the relevance of what they are learning and therefore remain committed to the program. It also gives students the time they need to digest what they have learnt in the classroom and develop social skills to take them to the next level.   

Program Specifics

Our Faculty

IGCSE Pro academics are graduates with Masters level degrees or equivalent. Our academics have significant teaching experience and are well trained in the materials and teaching methodology of IGCSE Pro. Many are professionals who choose to teach because they have a passion for education.

We believe that quality education begins with highly qualified trainers who are motivated to help their students attain their full potential. We support our teachers with continuous training, excellent working conditions and remuneration packages. 

Happy Teachers = Happy Students